The Board of Directors of the St. Vrain Lakes Metropolitan District No. 2 currently has a vacant Director’s position.

To qualify to serve on the Board of Directors you must be registered to vote in the State of Colorado and have been a resident of the District for not less than thirty (30) days, or own taxable real or personal property (or be the spouse of someone who owns taxable real or personal property) within the District.

The Board holds regular meetings on the 1st Tuesday of the month in February, May, and August, and November, at 6:00 P.M.  The meetings are held at The Cove at Barefoot Lakes, 12636 Lake Terrace St, Longmont, CO 80504 or via videoconference. These meetings usually run between one and two hours.  This position requires a person who is committed to working for the community and who is willing to spend their time and energy to make the St. Vrain Lakes Metropolitan District a community where government works.

If you are interested in supporting the community by serving on the Board of Directors, or are interested in learning more about the St. Vrain Lakes Metropolitan District and the services we provide, please submit a letter of interest via email by January 15, 2021 to Crystal Clemens, District Manager at for consideration by the Board of Directors at its February 2, 2021 Regular Board Meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact Crystal Clemens, District Manager at 970-669-3611, during regular business hours.

Special District Association of Colorado – Board Member Manual

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