To obtain your facility access cards, your metro district and the YMCA requires a quick on line registration process. This requires your household information, complete the required waivers, a photo taken on site for all those that reside in the household for our system and other helpful information.

Steps for joining online (new residents):

1) Click Here to register with the YMCA, feel free to read information on the YMCA and click Join Today.

2) Select your location [Barefoot Lakes (The Cove)].

3) Select the applicable membership type. Barefoot Lakes residents, please select “Barefoot Lakes Resident” $0.00 membership (there is no cost to you for registering).

4) Proceed with entering log in information (remember your log in!) and your household information.

5) You may access the required waivers through Programs > Waivers. Each adult within the household must electronically sign their own waivers. See below for other details for other waivers that you may qualify to complete.

Current Resident Waiver Links: Required to be renewed annually by all residents (2 different waivers per adult within the household, minors under 18 years old need to be added to waivers too):

Cove Waiver of Liability 2021 – Click Here

2021 Covid Waiver – Click Here

Other waivers: Minor Release: A parent or guardian needs to complete this form to authorize youth between the age of 12-17 to use the gym and pool facilities on their own. If this form is not completed or on file, youth are not authorized to use facilities on their own and must be with a parent or guardian at all times. Youth between 12-17 years old are allowed to access the Cove Fitness Center on their own during staffed hours only. They will need to be with a parent or guardian to access the after hour gym access –Click Here

Additional Authorized Users: Includes: Adult Children (18+); Tenants/Renters; Regularly Employed Caregivers (Nannies/Babysitters); Immediate Family Residing at Property Address (incl. Grandparents/Grandchildren); and/or others residing at your property address (PROOF MAY BE REQUIRED). Additional Authorized Users Do NOT Include Guests. Additional guest passes are available and/or may be purchased at the Cove fitness Center during operational business hours. Please refer to BCOB’s Amenities Fee Schedule for additional information. ALL ADULT ADDITIONAL AUTHORIZED USERS MUST COMPLETE AN ADDITIONAL AUTHORIZED USER FORM AND BE LISTED ON THIS PROPERTY OWNER FORM IN ORDER TO ACCESS THE RECREATION AMENITIES – Click Here

Recreational rights (for renters only) – Click Here

*If assistance is required please email: or call 720-643-5818