Project Updates

Map of impacted areas

Brookfield Residential, the developer of Barefoot Lakes, redeveloped the Special Use Area (former Anadarko oil well site) within Filing 1 and construction activities have impacted the district’s irrigation mainline which serves Waterside Park and district landscape tracts south of the SUA to Colorado River Drive . Impacted areas have been identified on the attached map. Turf and tree replacement occurred in 2022 by the Developer.

Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule: All routine contracted services are on schedule noted above.

Service Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Irrigation Checks (bi-weekly)      
Spring/Summer Trash Services        
Winter Inspections & Trash Service      

Weekly Schedule & Project Updates

Weekly Schedule: All routine contracted services are on schedule noted above.

Operations & Maintenance FAQs

The District is responsible for snow removal Living in Colorado means snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. Please follow these steps to ensure the safe passage of emergency vehicles, facilitate safe traffic flow, and keep yourself and your neighbors safe:
  • National Weather Service - Snowfall Website - Click Here - How much snow did we get? Our snow removal contractors use this website to trigger snow removal in the District.
  • Move vehicles from priority snow routes. Vehicles impeding snow removal operations are subject to ticketing and towing. The Town of Firestone is responsible for snowplow operations on public streets. Please reference Firestone's website - Click Here to see the snow removal routes and priorities as established by the Town of Firestone. If you have questions about these routes, please contact the Town of Firestone.
  • District is only responsible for removal of common area sidewalks and alleyways. Crews will be out to remove snow within 24 hours after 2’’ or more of snow has fallen and accumulation has stopped. Please submit an online maintenance ticket, call, or email us with any alleyways, paved trails, or The Cove snow removal questions.
  • All property owners have 24 hours to clear their sidewalks in front of their homes of snow and ice once a snow storm has ended, contact the Firestone Code Enforcement team if non-snow removal in front of homes occupied under construction.
  • Please assist the Town’s snow removal efforts by shoveling snow from walks and driveways onto your property, instead of into the street.
Peninsula Park is owned and operated by the Town of Firestone. To report facility-related concerns please visit Town of Firestone public works webpage.
Submit a maintenance request ticket HERE, and we’re happy to work with the responsible party to address maintenance matters. You may also view the maintenance maps and warranty notes below, and schedule above for more information. The Master Plan Map will help you determine what Filing the trail, park, or public space is located in. The Landscape Warranty and Acceptance Status map can help you determine what areas have been accepted by the Districts and therefore maintained in accordance with the schedule above. Areas not yet maintained by the District may be on a different maintenance schedule through the developer, Brookfield Residential.
  • Filing 1 – Waterside Park, public open space, sunset pavilion, Peninsula Park, lake trails and neighborhood trails.
  • Filing 2 – Neighborhood park, neighborhood trails, The Cove.
  • Filing 3 – Lakehouse Village snow removal and lawn care*, Lakehouse Clubhouse (coming December 2020), neighborhood trails.
      *The District only provides services to Lots that have an individual owner, no builder owned lots are maintained
O&M Landscaping Map
Native landscape management is provided by High Plains Environmental Center. You can view the native landscape plan and wildlife information below.
Lake Use Policy, the Lake Management Agreement and Annual Lake Management and Fishery Reports can be found here: A Solitude Lake Management biologist visits the site and inspect the lakes one (1) time per month in April and October, and two (2) times per month from May through September. Observations and data collected during the inspection will be used to inform and guide all activities required for water quality management and fisheries management including, but not limited to: algae control, aquatic weed control, shoreline aquatic weed control, nutrient remediations, and biological augmentation services.
Street improvements including streetlights are owned by the Town of Firestone. Streetlight outages, please contact United Power at 303-637-1350 or complete the online form. Further questions and inquiries should be directed to the Town of Firestone. District management reports all streetlight issues to the Town of Firestone if submitted to the District.
The YMCA of Northern Colorado and Pinnacle Consulting Group, Inc (District management), are responsible for keeping The Cove staffed, maintained, and operational. Please visit the Contact Us page or Amenities page for more information.
This service is provided to Villas (Duplex) & Ovation (Single-Family) Home lots only. The additional maintenance of these lots is covered by an additional fee that is billed quarterly and will cover weekly, monthly, and annual maintenance of single-family and duplex styles homes in accordance with the Access and Maintenance Easement Agreement. A summary of these services, maintenance map, and the full maintenance agreement can be viewed here.
CSU Extensions Yard and Garden publications offer many useful tips, tricks and guidebooks to keep your landscaping maintained. Learn more here.

Operations and Maintenance 2024 Plan

The full Operations and Maintenance overview, set by the Board of Directors, can be found here. Below you’ll find a list of highlighted anticipated service dates (subject to change).

Operations and Management Plan Highlighted Services Anticipated Completion Date
Pressure Test Irrigation System3/31/2024
Playground Inspections/Repairs3/31/2024
Clean Concrete Trails3/31/2024
Begin Mowing Natural Area Beauty Bands4/30/2024
Irrigation Activation4/30/2024
Bi-weekly Lake Water Quality Management Begins4/30/2024
Turf Aeration & Spring Fertilization4/30/2024
Spring Clean up4/30/2024
Annual Florals Installed Memorial Day
Open PoolMemorial Day Weekend
Sweep Alleys6/30/2024
Flower Beds & Manicured Landscape Weed Control6/30/2024
Right-of-way Mowing7/1/2024
Native Area Weed Control & Mowing7/31/2024
Native Weed Control & Mowing Ends9/30/2024
Flower Beds & Manicured Landscape Weed Control9/30/2024
Clean Concrete Trails & Sunset Pavilion9/30/2024
Close/Winterize Pool & Lake Dock9/30/2024
Bi-Weekly Lake Water Quality Management Ends9/30/2024
Annual Floral Removed10/31/2024
Irrigation Winterization10/31/2024
Reseed Natural Areas11/1/2024
Install Holiday Lighting/Decorations11/15/2024