Fee Information

Operation Fee

On November 30, 2021, the St. Vrain Lakes Metropolitan District No. 1 Board adopted its 2022 Budget. The adopted Budget incorporated the following rates: effective Q3 2021 (July 1, 2021) the rate will increase to $270 quarterly ($90 monthly) for the operation fee

The Operations Fee covers a portion of the District’s administrative and maintenance costs. The Amended and Restated Resolution Regarding Imposition of District Fees below will provide further detail regarding general District’s fees.

Maintenance Fee (charged to owners in Filing 3)

This fee is billed quarterly and will cover weekly, monthly, and annual maintenance of single family and duplex styles homes in accordance with the Access and Maintenance Easement Agreement. A summary of these services, maintenance map, and the full maintenance agreement can be viewed here. The Maintenance Fee is $38/ month for Single Family Detached Lots (Ovation Lots), and Duplex Lots $18/month (Villa Lots)

District Fee Documents

2022 Schedule of Fees – General

Resolution Regarding Imposition of Maintenance Fees

Amended and Restated Resolution Regarding Imposition of District Fees

St. Vrain Metropolitan District Collection Resolution

Declaration of Covenants Imposing and Implementing Firming Fees

Budget & Property Tax Information

District Mill Levy Calculations

District 5-Year Financial Proforma – including 2020 proposed fee increase (News Post to Proposed Fee)

District 5-Year Financial Proforma – NOT including 2020 proposed fee increase

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2022 Budget Amendments

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2020 Budgets Adopted

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For more information and state filings, visit the Colorado Department of Local Affairs or visit Building a Better Colorado for information on understanding property taxes and mill levy calculations.