Lake Use Policy

Permitted Recreational Use of the Lake.  The District has been informed that a satisfactory water quality baseline standard has been established in the Lake.  Based on this information, the District has determined to permit certain recreational uses of the Lake.  Uses of the Lake not specifically permitted herein are prohibited.  Any User wishing to use the Lake must complete and file an Individual and Parent/Legal Guardian Waiver of Liability and Release Form with the District’s Manager prior to use of the Lake.

Use of Watercraft

Launching in 2020: Paddle Board & Kayak Rentals – Information & Online Rental Options

Hang tight while Brookfield Residential, the developer of Barefoot Lakes, finishes construction on the Pier & Dock in Peninsula Park and works with the Town of Firestone to allow operations to begin. It is anticipated that construction will be completed in late July.

The District has contracted with a third party vendor (the “Lake Rental Vendor”) to provide rental kayaks and stand-up paddle boards for recreational use on the Lake.  Only the kayaks and stand-up paddle boards provided by the Lake Rental Vendor are permitted to be used on the Lake. Personal watercraft are prohibited. Users must adhere to the Lake Rental Vendor’s policies and procedures, which will be posted on-site at the Lake, as well as the District’s Policies.

Fishing & Dock Use

Lake Use to allow fishing effective February 5th, 2020.

A Colorado Fishing License is required to fish at the Lake.  Fishing is permitted at designated fishing areas at the Lake and at the Pier, provided that the Pier is free of snow and ice. Fishing at other locations is prohibited.  All Users must abide by the District’s posted restrictions and limitations, including but not limited to restrictions on the number of fish that may be kept.

Dock Use. Users may only access the Dock when a District representative or the Lake Rental Vendor is present. Fishing off of the Dock is prohibited, unless permitted during a District-sponsored event.

View the current Barefoot Lakes Use Policy here.