October 15:  Statutory deadline to have the 2021 draft budgets distributed to the Board of Directors and available for any person of the public to inspect. 

2021 Draft Budget

October 20:  Community Meeting 6:00 p.m. 

October 22:  District 2 Board and Finance Committee meets to review draft budget and provide written recommendations to the Board. 

Click here to view the documents presented to the District 2 and Finance Committee for review.

November 2:  2021 Budget Work Session: Draft 2021 Budgets reviewed by the Board.  District 2 Board and Finance Committee to present written and/or verbal recommendations to Board. 

November 30: 2021 Budget Public Hearing & Adoption slated to be held. 

December 8: Deadline for the Board of Directors to hold a public hearing to adopt the 2021 Budget and Mill Levy Certification in order to meet filing requirements that allow for property taxes to be collected and remain compliant with all State of Colorado budgetary laws.

On or Before December 15: Deadline for Mill Levy Certification to be provided to Weld County for property tax collection.

January 31, 2021:  Statutory deadline for adopted budgets to be filed with the State of Colorado Department of Local Government. 


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